Megemeria- 'It's Just The Beginning'

“The Megemeria Collection is a meaningful expression of love and courage and an inspiration of hope and positive social change.”

In 2010, the Levys furthered their commitment to the immigrant population, in particular to Israel’s especially vulnerable Ethiopian community. They established the philanthropic Megemeria School of Jewelry & Art to provide professional training and employment opportunities to Ethiopian immigrants to facilitate their integration into Israeli society as proud and contributing citizens. Meaning “genesis” in Amharic (the native language of Ethiopia), Megemeria offers its students the opportunity for a bright new beginning in life.

Under the watchful eye of the Levys, Megemeria blossomed into an independent social business, the first of its kind in Israel. Graduates of the school are employed to design and create a jewelry collection inspired by their personal journeys of longing and renewal. The compelling Megemeria Collection fuses tradition with modernity and meaning with beauty. All proceeds from sales benefit the school and social business, ensuring that Megemeria continues to cultivate positive social change.

Daniel Sahalo immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia when he was five year old as part of Operation Moses in 1984. Daniel and his family walked by foot from Ethiopia to Sudan. While they were originally a family of 11 children, two of his siblings died from illnesses and then another sister and her daughter died on the journey from Malaria and malnutrition. Once the family reached Sudan they took a flight to Israel. Today, Daniel has seven remaining brothers and 40 nieces and nephews. Being a former soldier in the IDF ans having earned his degree in Humanities in The Hebrew University, Daniel continues his strong commitment to strengthening and creating a brighter future for the Ethiopian community.

Megemeria, a philanthropic project established by Yvel owners, Orna and Isaac, is a jewelry school and social business that empowers Ethiopian immigrants by equipping them with the professional and life-skills needed to achieve financial independence as jewelry designers and artisans.

The life, culture, story and journey of Ethiopian Jewry come to life in the Megemeria Craft Center. Indulge your senses with the music, smells and sights of a far-away Ethiopian village in a unique experience of tradition and faith. Explore traditional works of art and jewelry and enjoy a traditional coffee ceremony.

A meaningful and Inspiring event!
Megemeria’s US Manager, Daniel Sahalo, is available for speaking engagements, trunk shows and events.
we invite you to plan a meaningful event showcasing the designs of our students! 

schedule your visit at the Yvel Design Center: +972-26735811 ext: 104 / 136
Opening hours : Sunday – Thursday 9.30 am - 5 p.m.

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